About us

Klittra of Sweden is an innovative product that was launched in january 2017. Klittra was invented to transform the deodorant/roll-on sextoy phenomenon into a safe hygienic product that is made in skin friendly material.  Our main values is to create healthy products in a innovative way that developes the market for pleasure forward. We develope our future solutions and products by listening to the market and create products that solves problems for our costumers.    

We are a small company who loves the creative idea by using a deodorant in a way that a deodorant should be used.

Our company have ambitions for making a greater life for females all over the world. Therefore we will donate a part of our profit to females in days of crisis.

We want to bring wellness and pleasure to strenghten every girl in the world.


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Klittra of Sweden



Klittra of Sweden

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