How to use:

  1. Start with screw of the top part and smothly clean of the both parts with water.
  2. Pour up lubricant in the top/roll-on part. pour up slightly over the ball from the beginning.
  3.  Screw back the top part hard and now you can start to have fun and enjoy Klittra.
  4. clean both part after use with water or cleaning liquids especially developed for sextoys. The bottom part is only splash proof and can not be placed in water. 
  5. charge the battery by connecting the USB recharging cable in the bottom part.

Color: White/lightpurple
Material: ABS/Silicone ABS, PP Roller(Polypropylene),
Vibration: 5 different vibration functions.
Size: Width 5 cm, Length 11 cm
Rechargable: USB cable is included
Soundlevel: Medium  
Waterproof: Bottom part can be rinsed with water but not submerged in water due to electronics. Top part should be rinsed well before filled with lubricant. And after use.
Discreet shipping: Yes 
Patent pending


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